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why March?

Right now the veil of colonialism has been lifted for the world to see what happens when a place and its people are exploited for 125 years by the United States. 


People are organizing, because that’s what they’ve been doing to survive for a very long time. They have established several groups that are assuming the responsibility of social needs not met by the government. 

We want to visualize that the people of Puerto Rico have the infrastructure to build a horizontal movement to support Independence.


We will not continue to tolerate violence.  We need repair and investment for 125 years of exploitation and then the amount of money that has been made off Puerto Rico. We need the repeal of the Jones Act and all other laws that limit the capacity of Puerto Rico to be a sustainable place to live. We need demilitarization of humanitarian help, and allow the people of Puerto Rico, not just here, but in the United States, to be able to share their solidarity and their help in a horizontal, direct way, without trying to control at a moment where lives are at stake. We need a commitment to just rebuilding, no displacement, no evictions. What is the agenda behind telling people who have lived in a place for a very long time that they cannot rebuild their home there. We need to end colonialism.

As artists and cultural producers, we join hands with the people of Puerto Rico. We understand the power that our work has in shaping public opinion in our time. As artists we have a unique responsibility to use our voice and artistic practices to protest and amplify the resistance against occupation and oppression.

We, the undersigned artists, stand in firm solidarity with those resisting occupation and fighting for their right to self-determination. We commit to using our platforms to challenge at every turn the massive misinformation campaigns waged by those who have a vested interest in the destruction of the Puerto Rican isand and people without fear of repercussions. We dedicate ourselves to standing in solidarity with the Puerto Rican people and to use our artistic and cultural practices as tools of liberation in the struggle for sovereignty, dignity, and self-determination.


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